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“Don’t Get Too Comfortable” “11/11/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“A Guide In Troubled Times” “11/04/18. Guest Preacher, Dr. Noel Hutchinson

“Arrested By The Holy Ghost” “10/28/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Don’t Get Replaced” “10/21/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“God Will Take Care of You” “10/14/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Open Your Eyes and See Something Else” “10/07/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“If A Dog Can Worship” “09/30/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“God Wants to Heal You” “09/23/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Keep On Digging” “09/16/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“US Open” “09/9/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“The Power of Believing The Word of God” “08/26/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt at Trinity Church

“The Benefit Package of God” “08/26/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Walk In It” “08/19/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“When The Music Stops” “08/12/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“How To Be Blessed” “07/29/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Go Big or Go Home” “07/22/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Just Keep Coming” “07/15/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Keep On Serving No Matter What” “07/08/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Don’t Be No Fool” “07/01/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“What’s Love Got To Do With It?” “06/24/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“I’m Taking It Back” “06/17/18. Minister W. Randle

“It’s Time To Come Out of That Cave” “06/10/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“All I Do Is Win, Win, Win” “05/27/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Do It For Mama” “05/13/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Watch Your Mouth” “05/06/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“What’s Up With The Power” “04/29/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“The Right Touch” “04/08/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“The Power of Real Love” “04/01/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“The Power of the Main Thing” “03/25/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“The Cross Connection” “02/25/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Its Moving Time” “02/18/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Return for a Reblessing” “01/21/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Faith For A New Thing” “01/14/18. Minister Damonic Davis

“2018 The Thing Year” “01/07/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“2018 The Thing Year” “01/07/18. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Irrevocable Favor Beyond The River” “12/31/17 – 10 p.m.. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“The Prerequisite To Restoration” “12/31/17 – 11:00 a.m.. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“The Duality of Being Chosen” “12/24/17. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“The Reason for The Season” “12/17/17. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“The Power of Single Focus” “11/26/17. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Time To Go In -Thanksgiving Day” “11/23/17. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Why Are You Trippin'” “11/19/17. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“A Tare You Can’t Talk About” “11/12/17. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“The Season of Asking” “10/29/17. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“It’s Still On You” “10/22/17. Minister Damonic Davis

“God Can Still Use You” “10/15/17. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“What’s Wrong With Us?” “10/08/17. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Go For It!” “10/01/17. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“The Promise Is Still Good” “09/24/17. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“What Are You Looking At” “09/17/17. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Blessings Come Easy” “09/10/17. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“A Package Deal” “09/03/17. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“There Is More To Life Than This” “08/27/17. Minister Sonia Cleaves

“A Reason To Stay Connected – special message at Mt. Zion Piperton” “08/27/17. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“It’s About To Go Down” “08/20/17. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Commitment: Duty or Devotion” “08/13/17. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“The Power of Expectation” “08/06/17. Pastor Tyrone Hunt

“Piece Meal Survival” “07/30/17. Pastor Marlon Foster

“A Battling Believer” “07/23/17. Pastor Brian Henderson

“Get Up Get Over” “07/16/17. Minister Sidney Shields

“Stay Connected” “07/09/17. Minister Sonia Cleaves

“The Danger of Small Vision” “07/02/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“One More Shake” “06/25/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“What’s Blocking Your Greatness” “06/18/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“Will Thou Be Made Whole” “06/11/17. Minister S. Cleaves

“Your Date With Destiny” “06/04/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“A Divine Test of Commitment” “05/28/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“The Power of One (part 2)” “05/21/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“The Power of One” “05/21/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“What To Do When You Are Going Through?” “05/14/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“What To Do When You Are Going Through – 2?” “05/14/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“What’s Blocking Your Blessing?” “05/07/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“Why Is Your Mountain Still There?” “04/30/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“Power of One Word” “04/23/17. Dr. Christal Williams

“It’s Time to Get Out the Box” 04/16/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“Little Faith, No Patience, No Crown” “04/09/17. Minister W. Randle

“The Mind Set of Must-ness” “04/02/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“The Danger of Working With A Hard Heart” “03/26/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“It’s Time To Come Out” “03/19/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“The Kings Are Coming” “03/12/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“Living Better With What’s Left” “03/05/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“Is Your Life Grieving God” “02/26/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“Get Ready To Be Embarrassed “02/19/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“Uncommon Sacrifice for Uncommon Rewards “02/12/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“An Amazing Love”02/05/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“The I Am-ness of God”01/29/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“It’s Coming To Pass”01/22/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“God In Another Form”01/15/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“The Danger of Taking What Belongs to God”01/08/17. Minister W. Randle

“The Pre-Cursor To The Love Commitment”01/01/17. Pastor T. Hunt

“The Creation and Christmas Connection”12/25/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“An Even Now Faith”12/18/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“How Do You Feel About God”12/11/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“A Permanent Deliverance”12/04/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“The Danger of Routine”11/27/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“After The Wallow”11/20/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“It’s Bowing Time in America – Don’t Worry About A Thing” 11/13/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“There Are Provisions When Providing For The Pastor” 11/06/16. Min. Marlon Foster

“The Right Use of Power” 10/30/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“The Power of God’s Word” 10/23/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“What To Do If You Don’t Believe” 10/16/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“More Than You Imagine” 10/09/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“We Need A Shunammite Spirit” 10/02/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“Where Are Thou” 09/25/16. Min. S. Cleaves

“The Tragedy of Playing It Safe: Go For It!!! – God’s Will Concerning Money” 09/18/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“The All Sufficient God – God’s Will Concerning Money” 09/11/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“Stewardship – God’s Will Concerning Money” 09/04/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“Moving From Pity to Prosperity” 08/28/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“According To Your Faith” 08/21/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“When Grace Finds You” 08/14/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“Leave The Skeletons Alone” 08/07/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“Family Reunion” 07/31/16. Min. M. Foster

“Protest Yes Violence No” 07/24/16. Min. C. Garrett

“Running From God Will Get You In Trouble” 07/17/16. Min. W. Randle

“When The Odds Are Stacked Against You” 07/10/16. Min. D. Anderson

“Life Transforming Steps” 07/03/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“The Power of Your Witness” 06/26/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“A Non-negotiable Predicament” 06/19/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“The Power of Serving” 06/12/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“You Can Have It All” 06/05/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“When Order Is Out Of Order” 05/29/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“I’m Straight” 05/22/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“If You Could See What I Can See” 05/15/16. Min. S. Cleaves

“The Reward of Uncommon Service” 05/08/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“I’m Coming Out” 05/01/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“His Plan Is Still Good” 04/17/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“It Will All Work Out” 04/10/16. Min. J. Pitts Murdock

“Don’t Miss Out On Your More” 04/03/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“If Only You Knew”. 03/27/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“How Will You Respond To Your Cross”. 03/20/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“God Is In It”. 03/13/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“From the Crossroads to the Cross”. 03/06/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“The Power of the Butter”. 02/28/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“How Will They Know”. 02/21/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“Why Do You Do What You Do”. 02/14/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“Stop Looking Back and Move Forward in the Lord”. 02/07/16. Minister W. Randle

“What The Beggar Really Needs”. 01/31/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“Why Sit Ye There & Die”. 01/24/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“Way Too Soon To Quit”. 01/17/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“How To Release A Multiplied Anointing”. 01/10/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“Fulfilling The Dream In 2016”. 01/03/16. Pastor T. Hunt

“Desperate for Deliverance”. 12/27/15. Pastor T. Hunt

“The Season of Manifestation.” 12/20/15. Pastor T. Hunt

“Get Ready for the New”. 12/13/15. Luke 5:36-39. Pastor T. Hunt

“Whatever is Right” 12/06/15. Pastor T. Hunt

“When God Shows Appreciation” 11/29/15. Pastor T. Hunt

“Just Keep Walking” 11/26/15. Pastor T. Hunt

“Get Ready for the Rain” 11/22/15. I Kings 18:41-46. Pastor T. Hunt

“The Power Of Your Problems” 11/15/15. I Samuel 30:1-6. Pastor T. Hunt
“Making Something Out of Nothing” 11/08/15. John 2:1-10. Pastor J. Wesley

“When God Gets Our Attention” 10/18/15. Exodus 3:1-5. Minister Sonia Adams
“A Set Up for Deliverance” 10/11/15. Exodus 14:8-16. Pastor T. Hunt
“The Principles of Prosperity” 10/04/15. Luke 4:18-19. Pastor T. Hunt
“What Real Men Do” 09/27/15. Daniel 3:16-18. Pastor T. Hunt
I Dare You To Open Your Mouth” 09/20/15. John 12:9-11. Pastor T. Hunt
“No Need To Call On Jesus.” 09/13/15. Mark 4:35-41. Pastor T. Hunt
“It’s a Matter of Surrender.” 09/06/15. Exodus 8:5-10. Pastor T. Hunt
When Mighty Men Begin To Pray” 08/23/15. Judges 16: 19 – 22. Pastor T. Hunt